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Pyrocarbon Lunate

Ascension® PyroCarbon Lunate

tendon stabilization

surgical technique










Wear testing shows
that PyroCarbon-on-bone
articulation wear is
significantly less than
that of medical grade
metals and ceramics.










The elastic modulus
of PyroCarbon closely
matches that of cortical bone.







  • maintains mobility
  • preserves the scaphoid
    and triquetrum
  • bone-friendly material
  • open pathway for revision

system overview

Design Description

The Ascension® PyroCarbon
Lunate is an anatomically
designed lunate replacement
with essentially the same
shape as the native lunate
bone. The Lunate implant
acts as an articulating
spacer to maintain the relationship of adjacent carpal
bones after excision and to maintain mobility of the wrist. The articular concavity that captures the capitate is more exaggerated to enhance stability.

The Lunate implant has two holes which allow fixation of the implant by tendon or suture to the adjacent scaphoid and triquetrum bones to provide

temporary postoperative stability while a capsular fibrosis system forms around the implant providing additional stability.

The Ascension PyroCarbon Lunate is constructed of a high strength On-X® PyroCarbon layer deposited on a graphite substrate.

The graphite is impregnated with tungsten making the Lunate radiopaque. The implant is available in
5 sizes for use in left or right applications.

Histological examination after 7 mos. of articulation with PyroCarbon PHS

showed a layer of healthy fibrous pseudocartilage. Sample had no evidence
of particulate synovitis.2

The PyroCarbon Lunate may be considered for use
in the following situations:


  • Presence of avascular necrosis ? Kienb?ck?s disease
  • Localized osteoarthritic changes of the radiolunate fossa or capitellar head
  • Long-standing lunate dislocations



  • Acute or chronic infection
  • Radial scaphoid arthritis
  • Gross carpal instability


Ascension® PyroCarbon Lunate