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Pyrocarbon PIP

Combining advanced material with

anatomic design

Radiopaque prostheses allow for

Intraoperative verification of implant

position and post operative assessment.

anatomic design

  • interchangeable sizes
  • central slip tracking feature
  • bicondylar anatomic design
  • Anatomic implant shape and easy-to-use instrumentation promote implant alignment, stability, and restored joint kinematics.
  • Bone removal is minimized.
  • Critical soft tissue structures are preserved.
  • Alignment Awl and Guides provide
    accurate visual reference along the bone axis promoting
    restoration of anatomic bone alignment.

Photomicrograph of bone tissue

in direct contact with PyroCarbon

resulting in biological fixation of implants.

advanced material



Elastic modulus of metal is much

greater than that of bone or PyroCarbon.

PyroCarbon minimizes bone loss due to stress shielding.

Implant Durability

Twenty years of clinical experience* as a ball-and-socket MCP total joint replacement demonstrate:

  • Biocompatibility - an average of 11.8 years of long-term follow-up with high degree of patient satisfaction.
  • Fatigue and Wear Resistance - tissue samples show no evidence of adverse wear.
  • Device Strength and Durability

Implant Stability

  • Biochemical and Biomechanical Compatibility promotes biological fixation and inert nature of PyroCarbon eliminates concern with silicone and other less biocompatible materials.
  • Cementiess - eliminating potential cement-related complications.

Ascension® PIP

PyroCarbon Total Joint

Easy-to-use, Color-Coded Instrumentation