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Ascension® PyroDisk®



Wear testing shows
that PyroCarbon-on-bone
articulation wear is
significantly less than
that of medical grade
metals and ceramics.

The elastic modulus
of PyroCarbon closely
matches that of cortical bone.



  • maintains thumb height
  • preserves trapezium
  • minimal bone removal
  • bone-friendly material
  • open pathway for revision





advanced material

  • Thumb carpometacarpal joint arthroplasty with the
    Ascension PyroCarbon biarticular disk re-establishes proper alignment of the thumb. In preserving trapezial bone stock, chances of thumb shortening, weakness and resultant intercarpal instability are minimized.
  • Charles Hamlin, MD
    Clinical Results1:
    Study Population
  • 47 patients underwent CMC arthroplasty with
    Ascension PyroDisk
  • Average follow-up of 24 months
    Results Show
  • High Pain Relief: preoperative average 8.4,
    postoperative average 1.1 (VAS)
  • High Patient Satisfaction: 100% of patients
    satisfied with results, 72% highly satisfied
  • Increased Key Pinch Strength: preoperative
    average 9.8 lbs, postoperative average 12.3 lbs
  • High Function Score: high Kapandji score with daily living activities

Histological examination after 7 mos.

of articulation with PyroCarbon PHS

showed a layer of healthy fibrous

pseudocartilage. Sample had no evidence
of particulate synovitis.

Ascension® PyroDisk®