Products Hand and Wrist Saddle Pyrocarbon CMC

Saddle Pyrocarbon CMC

Pyrocarbon CMC

Combining advanced material with anatomic design

Radiopaque prostheses
a l l ow for i n t r a o p e r a t i ve
v e r i f i c a t i o n of implant
position and post
operative assessment.

anatomic  design

  • semi-constrained hemi design
  • open saddle-shaped head
  • anatomic articular
  • cementless





Anatomic implant shape and easy-to-use
instrumentation promote implant alignment,
stability, and restored joint kinematics.

  • Bone removal is minimized.
  • Critical soft tissue structures are preserved.
  • Alignment Awl and Guides provide accurate visual reference along the bone axis
    promoting restoration of anatomic bone alignment.

Photomicrograph of bone
t i s s u e showing press f it
contact w i t h PyroCarbon.


advanced material

pyrocarbon articulation on cartilage

Implant Durability

  • Biocompatibility
  • Fatigue and Wear Resistance
  • Device Strength and Durability

Implant Stability

  • Biochemical and Biomechanical Compatibility promotes press f i t contact
  • Cementless - eliminating potential cement-related complications

Easy-to-use, Color-Coded