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FMP Acetabular System


Acetabular System



Acetabular Shells

The 3DMatrix'u system is a proprietary porous coating of Encore Medical. This three-dimensional, small (non-spherical) titanium bead coating has a pore size of 250-450 microns and allows for a porosity volume of 61%', providing an agressive roughened surface and optimal osteogenic potential.


Clustered Hole Shell

  • Available in hemispherical or flared rim
  • Sizes 42-70mm in 2mm increments
  • Sizes 42 through 48mm have 2 screw holes Sizes 50-70mm have 3 screw holes
  • The geometry of the holes is such that a 12°angulation of the screws is possible Accepts 6.5mm low-profile cancellous bone screws manufactured from T1-6AL-4V
  • 3DMatrixrv coating Removable dome plug T1-6AL-4V substrate




Polyethylene Liners

The FMP'U system offers a number of liner options to accommodate surgical needs and surgeon preference. Standard liners, offset liners and metal-on-metal liners make the FMP system highly versatile.

The FMP system is designed to allow for maximum polyethylene. Minimum polyethylene thickness is 6mm. Encore uses ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) that has been compression molded. The polyethylene is sterilized by gamma radiation in the absence of oxygen.

Liner Congruency

Optimal UHMWPE liner conformity reduces contact stresses by increasing the surface area available for load transfer, and decreases the potential for permanent material deformation and back-side wear. The FMP acetabular system is designed to maximize the support of the polyethylene by conforming to the congruency of the shell.