Products Shoulder and Elbow Modular Radial Head

Modular Radial Head

the shape, the size, the fit

Radiopaque prostheses
allow for intraoperative
verification of implant
position and post
operative assessment.



  • stem and head sizes to fit your indications and patient anatomy
  • articular friendly shape - reduces edge loading on the
    capitellum and radial notch allows
    for annular ligament closure
  • cementless
  • Bone removal is minimized
  • Critical soft tissue structures
    are preserved
  • Alignment Awl and Guides
    provide accurate visual
    reference along the bone
    axis promoting restoration
    of anatomic bone alignment
In Situ Assembly Instruments: Stem Holder and Head Impactor



  • simplified instruments provide a reproducible outcome
  • in-wound or back table assembly option

Ascension® Modular Radial Head